What does "finding your passion" really mean??

Who were you before someone told you who to be?

Let me start by saying, I do not have the answer; sorry, wish I did! "Finding your passion" is a term that we continue to hear over and over, it's all over social media, life coaches are always saying it as are all those people in the multi-level sales industry. The 1st time I heard it was many moons ago when I was in retail management, trust me, we thought the guy was crazy when he said that. Honestly, who the hell in the retail world feels "passionate" about what they are doing. Ok, not fair, some people really love retail, and I have to say that I did learn a lot from the experience and made some great friends, but I never felt passion for it.

You may be asking why I chose this topic to talk about, and for that, I do have an answer...

A few months ago I was teaching yoga to a group of athletes at a local university, I loved it! It gave me such a feeling of accomplishment and contentment, dare I say "Santosha"? In the Eight Limbs of Yoga Santosha roughly translates to 'contentment', but in almost a childlike way, for many children it's the simple things that make them happy; content.

So, how do we practice Santosha, find our passion and figure out who we really are, especially in a society that places so much value on job titles, college degrees and bank account balances? A friend in yoga class recently took a little time off from her career, her relationship, basically a break from her day to day life to find out what really makes her happy.

It made me think of a quote by Joseph Campbell, "Who were you before someone told you who to be?" For those not familiar with Joseph Campbell, PLEASE check him out, he was an American Professor of Literature, but sooo much more than that. You know how you see/hear "Follow your bliss." all over the place, yeah that was basically his philosophy and a phrase he often repeated.

You may be thinking that no one told you who to be, sure, I get it. We all like to think that we make our own decisions based on what WE think, but, is that always the case? I live in the South, and if I had a $ for everytime someone said that's how they were "born & raised" well, put it this way, I might have a lot of money, but would I be content? Point being is that we are all so influenced by friends, family, and what we see on tv and social media. It's much worse now than when I was a kid, we didn't have all of this constant chatter. I was around for the birth of MTV, which of course gave us all some ideas of who we would like to be, I thought it would be cool to run off to Sri Lanka and be in a Duran Duran video. Actually I'd still like to do that, oops, getting off topic,sorry I mentioned that was likely to happen. Basically we are all dealing with outside influences that can really dampen our passion, our contentment, our bliss, our ability to be who we really are, you know, the awesome perfect person you were before someone told you who to be. I know I deal with insecurities because of what I see on Social Media and the stories I create in my head. I see all of these yogis doing some pretty intense stuff on FB and IG and I can't even do a handstand, even my crow sucks! It causes me to question if I am even worthy to teach yoga. At the end of the day I have to remind myself that I am doing what I am passionate about, finding my bliss, being who I was before someone told me who to be. I am doing what I was meant to be and I have a lot to offer.

So tell me, what is your passion, what makes you content, are you following your bliss? Ask yourself, Who were you before someone told you who to be?

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