I am humbled beyond words

In the world of a yoga teacher it is difficult for us to accept praise for our teaching skills, after all, the practice is for the student, not the teacher. I tell students that if they don't care for my style of class or teaching, please try another class with a different teacher, I say this not to discourage, but to encourage. I truly believe that yoga is for everyone and there is the right teacher and right class for everyone. I am grateful for all of these kind words, but most of all I am grateful that so many people are coming to their mats and finding themselves. So for that, I thank you all.

Namaste ~


"Yoga with Cyndi gave me so much more than  a pose. Every class gave me a message, a community, and even a little bit of peace to help with all of the craziness that life can throw our way."

~ Sarah T. 


"I have lower back pain and hip issues and your yoga class has helped me so much. After doing 4 weeks of physical therapy yoga has really helped me to maintain my flexibility. My body may not go into all the positions but I enjoy yoga and will continue to improve. 

~ Bernadette T.


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"I believe wholeheartedly in preventive healthcare and healthy lifestyle habits, yet exercise is my biggest weakness and I generally come up with some creative avoidance to sidestep it, but I LOVE these yoga. classes and I don’t ever want to miss. When I leave, I feel so much better than when I arrived. It’s an opportunity to slow down, focus, and actually take care of myself in the middle of the necessary but sometimes overwhelming demands of life.
Cyndi  is an amazing yoga instructor who encourages you at every level, gently stretches you (pun intended😉), and takes time to make sure your practice is safe and providing maximum benefit. Plus, she’s just a super nice, genuine person! I encourage you to try one of her classes. You won’t regret it!"

~ Dianne C.

"My Practice...My Life

Wow, your classes are challenging and energizing! Cyndi, your practice allows me to be the best that I can be!

~ Kathy D.


 "Loved your yoga class yesterday morning! You have a great flow through the movements which makes the class enjoyable and have a natural progression. I appreciate your attention, encouragement, and excellent instruction. I'm sure you're getting all favorable feedback; I only hear great things about your classes! I'm going to try to arrange my schedule so I can to more of your classes. Thanks!"

~ Carolyn S

"People don't just come to your yoga classes for yoga. They come for your deepest self, not for what you know. They come for who you are."

~ Judith Hanson Laster

Founder of Yoga Journal Magazine

"I've been practicing yoga for only 3-4 months now and I've noticed that my physical and mental health have greatly improved. I've mostly done yoga on my own through a cell phone app, it was fun but nothing can beat going to class with an instructor and other yogis. Cyndi is an excellent instructor that focuses on helping yogis achieve their personal goals. My shoulders were particularly tight during a practice and she suggested alternative poses to help increase my flexibility. Now that I have joined the Y, going to yoga classes is the highlight of my week.

~ Norah H.


"So glad that I found your yoga class, Cyndi. I feel more balance when I practice yoga regularly and enjoy your smooth, intuitive and inspirational class very much!" 

~ Kathy C. 

"Hi friend!!!  Thank you(with a trembling lip) for getting me back to yoga. You have made me feel welcomed and accepted wherever I am in my practice. I wish I could take advantage of all of your classes, but I am grateful for the ones I can attend. Your gentle soul and understanding inspires me every time!!!"

~ Kip C.

" Hi Cyndi, 

I really enjoyed your Saturday class--it was like a breath of fresh air. I had been out of practice for several weeks and after your class I felt so much better...mind and body were both revived. This was one of the very best yoga classes I have experienced.

Thank you for your encouragement and kindness. I look forward to joining you again soon.